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  • Custom Orders
    Yes, I do custom orders. Jewelry, Leaded Glass or Fused Glass. Please contact me to discuss the possibilities.
  • Can Earwires or Necklace Chains be changed?
    Yes-Well, most of the time anyway. I have lots of options that do not appear on the webpage. Let me know what your preference is and I'll do my best to accomdate that.
  • Jewelry Care and Cleaning
    Sterling Silver - For storage, I recommend puting your silver jewelry in zip plastic bags--it's the oxygen in the air that causes tarnishing. Keeping the air away from your metal will keep it shiny longer. Bring back the shine using a 'silver cleaning cloth' or paste 'silver cleaner'. Personally, I avoid use of harsh acids. However, using an over the counter silver jewelry 'acid' product on chains helps get them clean. Follow the directions on container-rinsing well, then follow with a cream silver polish. The polish will help seal the surface and retain the shine longer. Gold Filled - Gold Filled is a brass core with 5% gold on the surface (14/20 Gold Filled means 1/20th (5%) is 14 karat gold) Most of the Gold Filled Spiral Studio uses is 14/20. Usually gentle soap and water with a soft cloth will do the trick to reshine Gold Filled. Use a toothbrush to get into small areas like chains or tight corners. Some metal polishes are available for gold filled-follow label instructions. Avoid abrasive materials. Copper - Some of the copper I use has a wax finish to slow tarnishing. Other copper is left bare to embrace the oxidation. All copper will eventually turn a beautiful brown color. However, there are copper polishes available-follow label instructions-or use a fine steel wool to brighten the metal-this will leave a matte finish. Pearls and Stones- be gentle in cleaning-especially pearls! Mild soap or a gentle cleaning polish with thourough rinsing right after cleaning is usually fine. Err on the side of caution. Resin products - Resin will react to UV light over time. Store your jewelry away from light-in a jewelry box, drawer, etc. This will help slow yellowing of the items and fading of the Forget Me Not flowers. Carefully clean the metals surrounding the resin with gentle products.
  • Trying to find something you saw?
    I make lots of stuff... If you saw an item at a show or online that Spiral Studio made I'm happy to try to figure out what it was, if it's available now or if I can make it for you. Contact me and lets give it a go! Check my instagram and Facebook pages too (links at bottom of page)
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