Frequently asked questions

Custom Orders

Yes, I do custom orders. Jewelry, Leaded Glass or Fused Glass. Please contact me to discuss the possibilities.

Can Earwires or Necklace Chains be changed?

Yes-Well, most of the time anyway. I have lots of options that do not appear on the webpage. Let me know what your preference is and I'll do my best to accomdate that.

Jewelry Care and Cleaning

Sterling Silver - For storage, I recommend puting your silver jewelry in zip plastic bags--it's the oxygen in the air that causes tarnishing. Keeping the air away from your metal will keep it shiny longer. Bring back the shine using a 'silver cleaning cloth' or paste 'silver cleaner'. Personally, I avoid use of harsh acids. However, using an over the counter silver jewelry 'acid' product on chains helps get them clean. Follow the directions on container-rinsing well, then follow with a cream silver polish. The polish will help seal the surface and retain the shine longer. Gold Filled - Gold Filled is a brass core with 5% gold on the surface (14/20 Gold Filled means 1/20th (5%) is 14 karat gold) Most of the Gold Filled Spiral Studio uses is 14/20. Usually gentle soap and water with a soft cloth will do the trick to reshine Gold Filled. Use a toothbrush to get into small areas like chains or tight corners. Some metal polishes are available for gold filled-follow label instructions. Avoid abrasive materials. Copper - Some of the copper I use has a wax finish to slow tarnishing. Other copper is left bare to embrace the oxidation. All copper will eventually turn a beautiful brown color. However, there are copper polishes available-follow label instructions-or use a fine steel wool to brighten the metal-this will leave a matte finish. Pearls and Stones- be gentle in cleaning-especially pearls! Mild soap or a gentle cleaning polish with thourough rinsing right after cleaning is usually fine. Err on the side of caution. Resin products - Resin will react to UV light over time. Store your jewelry away from light-in a jewelry box, drawer, etc. This will help slow yellowing of the items and fading of the Forget Me Not flowers. Carefully clean the metals surrounding the resin with gentle products.

Trying to find something you saw?

I make lots of stuff... If you saw an item at a show or online that Spiral Studio made I'm happy to try to figure out what it was, if it's available now or if I can make it for you. Contact me and lets give it a go! Check my instagram and Facebook pages too (links at bottom of page)